About RAD

What is RAD?

→ Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) is a Housing & Urban Development (HUD) pilot program that will allow the Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC) to sell-off 22 of Baltimore’s public housing high-rises over the next two years.

Why We Oppose RAD

→ When public goods such as Public Housing are privatized, they become a commodity and their purpose is to provide profits to the new owners.

→ Public housing tenants and workers have been prevented from participating in the design and implementation of RAD.

→ There have been NO guarantees that the right to organize, protection from mistreatment by management, grievance procedures, and the right to use building facilities will remain intact.

→ Nearly 200 HABC employees with union wages, benefits, and protections will lose their jobs. HABC has refused publicly to support these workers’ rights.

→ Residents are being told that they will be offered Vouchers in two years, but are not being told that they will just be added to the existing waitlist.

→ In 40 years, when the contracts with developers expire, the new owners will be able to convert the buildings to market rate rents, forcing out low-income renters, essentially ending public housing in Baltimore.

What We Want!

→ RETHINK RAD! The program is flexible and other cities are implementing it in more creative ways, with more guarantess for residents and workers, and are not selling the buildings outright!

→ Halt implementation of RAD until residents, workers, and allies can fully participate in determining the future of public housing!

→ Use the RAD program to transition the buildings to shared-equity housing models like Community Land Trusts, guaranteeing community control of our much-needed public housing, with lasting, permanent affordability, and no loss of jobs!

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