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Join the movement for human rights and affordable housing in Baltimore.

Spring Volunteer Orientation 2014









Right to Housing Alliance relies on the work of volunteers to help build a robust and dynamic movement for the human right to housing, and we greatly appreciate your support! We strive to create opportunities for involvement that allow you to use your unique skills, strengths, and interests to ensure that your volunteer time is fulfilling and rewarding, while fostering commitment and leadership.

Most of the leg work in the fight for safe, affordable housing is done in our Teams. Teams are led by Members of the Right to Housing Alliance Leadership Council, and made up of Members and Volunteers. Teams are run using a consensus decision-making process where your voice will count!  Take the lead, join a Team, and help shape the present and future work for housing justice in Baltimore!

Volunteer and Outreach Team! – The Volunteer/Outreach Team does canvassing, tabling at community events, flyering, greeting and orienting new volunteers to the work of RTHA. Help coordinate outreach events and work with an amazing group of LC Members and support existing RTHA campaigns by helping us grow the movement!

Media Team! – The Media Team is crucial to delivering the message about the work of RTHA and about housing issues in Baltimore. They are responsible for maintaining our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, and for keeping our website current. They also work with RTHA Members on telling their own stories in print, video, or whatever medium they want to use to get the word out! The Media Team act as press liaisons, and write and send out press releases for RTHA campaign actions and events.

Administrative Team! – The Administrative Team is one of the most important teams to the functioning of RTHA. The Admin Team supports organizing efforts by keeping track of project budgets, Member and Volunteer records, writes grants, and manages the office including ordering and tracking supplies. The Admin team makes sure that the other Teams have access to the info and databases they need to do work on campaigns.

Research & Education Team! – Right to Housing Alliance believes strongly in the right to educate ourselves about our human rights, legal rights, and about the root causes of social and economic injustice, so that we may fight to collectively overcome it. The Education & Research Team assists the work of RTHA by developing educational materials that help us further our collective knowledge, and our collective power.

Events Team! – The Events Team helps RTHA host dynamic fundraising events, organizes RTHA Member Day events, social events, solicits donations from private donors, creates an end of year report, develops and creates merch for RTHA.

Fill in the form below to let us know how you want to get involved, and a Team Leader will be in touch with you!