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The Sage of Predatory Practice

Two years ago, Sage Management became the new owner of my apartment complex. That’s when I first talked with the President and CEO, Gil Horwitz. What I nice guy, I thought. And when he flashed that big smile and turned on his charming personality I was sold on why, in some Baltimore circles, he is considered a caring person and one who is sensitive to the impact of sufferance and struggle in the human condition.

Yet, depending on where you talk to Mr. Horwitz however, that sense of nice and caring human being fails to reveal itself. Especially to those tenants looking to dialogue about discrepancies they didn’t create, but that mysteriously appear on a trumped up tenant ledger. This seems to be a discussion that makes Gil generally unaccommodating, so efforts to get on his calendar are difficult at that point.

The only place where Sage Management tenants are sure to get some face time with Gil is at the District Court of Maryland of Baltimore City, otherwise known as “Rent Court.” But for the few expecting a two-way discussion (either before or after your court trail), you quickly recognize that Mr. Horwitz (who represents Sage at these proceedings) doesn’t entertain two-way conversations with his tenants and unfortunately, on this occasion I to have one.

After being requested by the judge to meet with Gil, I was thrust into a demeaning and stereotypical spectacle that took place in the hallway of this courthouse. Consequentially, this is when Gil goes into full rent court mode, and becomes condescending and non-professional. In this mode he can be heard loudly over-talking me, rudely interrupting me, and dismissing my integrity. He refused to engage me as a very real human being.

Could this be the reason behind these predatory practices he prevails upon his unsuspecting tenants? Could this be business as usual?

What saddens me more is realizing that Gil’s sense of humanity doesn’t appear to extend to his tenants. Instead he seems to care more about levying unregulated fees, misapplying payments, and sanctioning hidden schemes that increase his profits and grows Sage’s income.

I say Shame on You Mr. Horwitz.     It appears you are in business to rob your tenants of their dinity, their money, and their voices. In addition, you very confidently drag us into the city’s landlord friendly rent court because, as per usual, you almost always win a favorable judgement. These types of outcomes suggest that the court seemingly tolerates your convoluted business practices. This also suggests how routinely the process is robbed of the level playing field and the equal justice that, evidently is not afforded to your tenants.

But I have decided to fight. And fighting for equal justice is what Sage Management tenants must do. While we must fight for the rights and the justice we are entitled as tenants, we must fight even moreso for the dignity we deserve as the very real human beings we most certainly are.

I am one of those—a very real human being—and for this reason alone, Mr. Horwitz, I cease to recognize you as the really nice guy I thought you were. Instead I realize a duty to expose you and your practices for how shameful they are.

One Tenant for Justice,
A Sage Management Resident

(Tenant wishes to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation by Sage Management)