Detrese’s Right to Housing: Standing up to Sage Management

2013-06-18 13.13.41Detrese Dowridge, an RTHA Member, shares her story with Word on the Street in the Fall 2013 issue.

I’m a Baltimore City resident who was born and raised here. I’m a single parent to a child with autism. I go to school part time, I’m studying Early childhood Education. I enjoy writing and helping other people which prompted me to join Right to Housing Alliance. The reason I moved to my apartment which is operated by Sage Management because it is cheap and affordable, but in my three years here I have just been disgusted and appalled by Sage Management and the way they treat their tenants. When some people hear my story they ask Well why don’t you move? What I say to that is I wish I had the luxury to just pick up and move. But I can’t. Whether I move or not the next person that moves behind me will most likely be going through the same thing. In the meantime while I’m here I will fight for my peace and comfort in my home and help others do the same.

All my life I’ve always wanted to be a part of a movement that will help people. Helping people is my strength and I enjoy doing it. I was raised to treat others as I would like to be treated and do right by people. Sage Management owner Gil Horwitz and his employees obviously don’t possess this trait because they have been taking advantage and treating their tenants like crap for years and now that myself and other tenants are bringing their misdeeds to light, they say we are wrong and that they’re making us lose business. Mr. Horwitz, there have been a question that myself and my neighbors been wanting to ask. How can you sleep at night knowing that most of your tenants have mold, pest, and other unsafe conditions? On June 28, 2013 I asked you this and your response to me was that your taxes are going up. Mr. Horwitz contacted Right to Housing Alliance organizer Jessica Lewis and claimed he wanted to make things right with his tenants, Mr. Horwitz has yet to followed through with this. He’s been on the war path to prevent myself and my neighbors from letting everyone know about their management practices. So today, with the help of Right to Housing Alliance and Public Justice Center we are taking a stand and demanding that Sage Management stop with the predatory fees, Stop with the retaliation against tenants, Stop with the evictions, Stop with the threats of eviction, Stop with ignoring our pleas for safer housing, and stop ignoring our complaints about conditions issues. We demand that you GIVE US PEACE AND DIGNITY!  and treat us the way you would want to be treated.